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Why Is Nursing Home An Outdated Term?

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Nursing Home

Nursing Home

Skilled nursing facilities offer round-the-clock care services for residents in need of a temporary stay or a long-term form of stay. A nursing home will have nurses offering a skilled form of care, which only licensed nurses can do. It can include pain management, wound care, catheter care, or intravenous injections. Read on to learn more about a skilled nursing facility.

Who Works At An SNF?

Various professionals work there, including registered and licensed nursing staffers who lead the care team for the residents. The facility will have staff available throughout the day. Nursing assistants work with licensed nursing staffers as well as are trained to help residents and do caregiving tasks.

Skilled nursing facilities employ professionals specialized in speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy, besides their assistants. Those therapy team members build strength, flexibility and endurance with their sessions so that residents can satisfy their individual objectives.

You can find culinary professionals at skilled nursing facilities as well. Residents have three meals a day in community dining rooms that are made to match their prescribed dietary requirements. Nursing homes also employ team members supporting housekeeping, social work, life enrichment, maintenance, and more.

What To Expect From A Nursing Home

More than just therapy and nursing care, skilled nursing offers programs and services designed to help their residents. They have dining programs that offer three meals a day in dining room settings, with food prepared to satisfy physician-prescribed guidelines. Nursing assistants and other members of the team are on hand to offer hands-on or verbal assistance in the course of each meal.

Another staple of a skilled nursing location is a life enrichment program. Residents get to pick which activities and events to participate in, with options including programs such as live entertainment, tours around town, and group exercise.

Skilled nursing residents also get light housekeeping solutions. Friendly and accommodating team members tidy up the rooms of those residents and help them with any maintenance or housekeeping tasks.

A Senior Living Community Is More Than Just A Skilled Nursing Location

Nursing home has been a retired phrase in the long-term care industry. People no longer think of it as a location similar to a hospital with boring days and bad food. There are more varied senior living options with vibrant events, active lifestyle options free of maintenance, and a feeling of community.

Use the right words as it will aid in reminding you that the senior living concept is all about enjoying life fully with the right level of support customized to your requirements.

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