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Pasadena Nursing Center is dedicated to providing the best possible rehabilitative care.

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Pasadena Nursing Center

At Pasadena Nursing Center, we’re dedicated to our mission of providing the best quality, compassionate care using the latest technology and cost-effective solutions. As part of the Pasadena community, we’re passionate about community education and involvement that can build a foundation for better healthcare for all.



What We Do

Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Wound Care

Psychiatric Care

Pain Management

Internal Medicine


What People Are Saying

Pasadena Nursing Center was the right choice for my mother when she had a stroke. Someone had to be with her. I will be referring my friends to this facility. An amazing environment with lots of love and attention to all of our tenants. The staff at Pasadena Nursing Center were very delicate and warm to her as well as the other patients. Pasadena Nursing Center showed determination to get my mom back to herself and even better.Pasadena Nursing Center had many activites, took them on walks in the park, went on many trips, and gave my mom a great home for many years. I'm glad I made the decision in choosing PNC. Thanks for all your help during these past years. You Guys Rock! Much Love and Appreciation!

Jamie Lopez

I have some many happy memories of Pasadena Nursing Center and my father. I would always see him smiling and laughing with his friends. I was very pleased to see how they had physicians and physical therapists on site to provide them with the loving care they show everyday. The staff at Pasadena Nursing Center really went above and beyond to get my father healthy, happy, and most of all enjoying the last years of his life. I was always welcomed warmly and felt like he was well taken care of. I completely trust and show my affection to all the nurses, doctors, and management here at Pasadena Nursing Center. This a Class A Establishment. Thank You for all the Great Times and hopefully will come by soon.

Gladys Smith

I can only say good things about Pasadena Nursing Center. The facility was very clean, warm, loving, grace, and always were entertaining the patients at the facility. When my mom had to move out of the house, she was scared. After her first week she got comfortable and enjoyed the rest of her days at the facility. I was very lucky to hear about Pasadena Nursing Center and would only recommend my family members there. They took care of all of my mothers needs, took them on vacation, trips, to the malls, zoos, and other excitting places. The staff always had something planned everyday and not one day goes by that my mother was bored or lacking of. I Thank You on the Bottom of My Heart for Taking Great Care of Her!

CJ Williams

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