Dementia Care

Using Art To Help With Your Dementia Journey

November 8, 2022 Category:
Dementia Care

Dementia Care

It can be scary when you or your loved one is diagnosed with dementia. After all, people suffering from advanced dementia will not be able to tell what they are feeling or thinking and this uncertainty can result in fear. In reality, dementia care has come a long way and many people suffering from dementia are leading longer and more meaningful lives.

There are many therapies that can help relieve stress from dementia and art therapy is one among them. Art therapy can even help with the symptoms of dementia. Senior care experts in our assisted living facility share some ways in which you can use art to help your senior loved one suffering from dementia.

Working Through Emotions

Dementia is a progressive disorder and can trigger various emotions in the sufferer. This is where art can help. Your senior loved one can use art as an outlet to vent out their feelings. Your loved one need not be a skilled artist. Instead, the person may consider the following:

  • Using art journaling to express their feelings and emotions.
  • Join a local art class to learn various things like painting, and making pottery or jewelry.
  • Get in touch with a therapist who specializes in art therapy. Art therapy can help your senior loved one process their emotions and plan for the future. The right type of art can help your senior loved one express visually what he or she cannot express verbally.

Engaging The Mind

With the progress of dementia disorder, your senior loved one can experience more difficulties with their daily tasks, organizing thoughts and short-term memory. Art therapy can help relieve some of the stress linked with the symptoms. You can make your loved one try the following:

  • Adult coloring can offer hours of entertainment to your senior loved one. You can make your loved one start with simple coloring books and then move on to more detailed projects.
  • Gardening and arranging plants is another artistry that can help your senior loved one. You can make your loved one arrange succulents or fill outdoor pots with flowers.
  • Performing repetitive tasks can help ease some of the anxiety caused by dementia. Many people suffering from dementia disorders engage in repetitive tasks to ease their anxiety. You can make your senior loved one try stringing beads to get rid of stress.
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