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Using Art For The Benefit Of Dementia Patients

July 15, 2021 Category:
Senior Care

Senior Care

A dementia diagnosis can be scary for everyone. This is because people suffering from advanced stages of dementia cannot tell others what they are feeling or thinking and this uncertainty can lead to fear. However, dementia care has come a long way and this has resulted in long and meaningful life for dementia sufferers.

The life of a dementia patient in a senior living or other senior care facility does not have to be filled with fear and hopelessness. You can make use of the time to ponder about the type of support that you need as your cognitive capabilities change and what you wish to have out of your future. Art therapy can be beneficial for seniors suffering from dementia disorders as it can help relieve stress and might also help with some of the symptoms of dementia. In addition, art therapy can help people with dementia express themselves when they are unable to verbally express their feelings.

A few ways in which art therapy can be used for dementia patients are discussed below.

Working Through Emotions In Early Dementia 

Dementia is a terminal illness and like any other terminal illness, a dementia diagnosis can trigger many emotions, from hopelessness to anger and art can be a very good way to vent out your feelings. You never need to be a skilled artist to use the art for your benefit. Instead, you can try the following.

  • Make use of art journaling to express your feelings and emotions and also to follow your dementia journey.
  • You can join an art class to learn to paint, make jewelry, or pottery. You can also try bottle art, fabric, or glass painting to express your feelings. Your artworks may become family heirlooms that can remind the members of your family about your determination and willpower to learn new skills even at times of uncertainty and fear.
  • Find a therapist who is experienced in art therapy as it can help you express yourself. In addition, therapy can teach you to process your emotions and art can help you express things that you are unable to express verbally.

As dementia is a progressive disorder, you can experience more difficulty with daily tasks, processing and organizing your thoughts and feelings, and short-term memory. Art can be a very good way to get relief from the stress that is linked to these challenges of dementia.

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