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Types Of Health Care Providers Offering Post Acute Care

December 8, 2021 Category:
Health Care Facilities

Health Care Facilities

Post-acute care is a category of care that comprises recovery and continued medical treatment after getting critical care. The main purpose of this type of care is recovery after a surgery, illness, or injury. Different types of health care facilities offer post acute care and these are discussed below.

Long Term Care Hospitals 

This type of senior care facility is very much similar to an intensive care unit that offers care to patients receiving prolonged ventilation. Usually, patients in this type of post acute care facility suffer from complex wound care or burn care, brain injuries, tuberculosis, chronic diseases, and other serious health conditions. Patients requiring intravenous fluids or medications or require a feeding tube usually stay in long-term care hospitals.

Skilled Nursing Facilities 

Skilled nursing facilities are usually advised after being discharged from a hospital. These health care facilities can be suitable for patients who do not need a very high level of care, even though they need medical support and care. Skilled nursing facility staff can offer help with activities of daily living and can also offer specific medical care to take care of injuries and health conditions.

Patients admitted to skilled nursing facilities are those who have suffered femur or hip surgeries or fractures, sepsis, heart attacks, joint replacements, urinary and kidney infections. The average length of stay in these facilities is about four weeks, but the patients can stay in these facilities for as long as needed.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services 

These healthcare facilities offer therapeutic rehabilitation services for people regaining their function after an illness or injury. Care at an inpatient rehabilitation center is managed by doctors, therapists and nurses. Usually, patients in an inpatient rehabilitation service are those who have suffered strokes, brain injuries and other neurological issues, fractures to the pelvis or lower extremities, and multiple joint replacements.

Home Health Agencies 

These health care facilities are also included in the post-acute care landscape. Medicare dispenses a home health benefit that covers skilled nursing services to patients. The patient will be able to receive the necessary care under a care plan that is established by their doctor. The person must be homebound and should need skilled nursing services intermittently. This type of healthcare is usually received in the wake of a stay in an acute care hospital. In-home healthcare is made much easier these days with the help of wearable technologies and mobile monitoring.

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