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Tips For Senior Parent Moving Conversation

July 2, 2022 Category:
Senior Assisted Living

Senior Assisted Living

It is never easy to start ‘ the moving conversation’ with your senior parent. The idea of moving from the home where the parent has decades of memory can bring out unpredictable reactions from your senior parent. Experts in our senior assisted living center share some tips to make the aging parents ‘moving’ conversation.

The first and foremost of our caregiver tips is to not go it alone. Experts in senior health planning, family members, friends, and many online resources on senior care can ensure the support and tools that are necessary to start the ‘moving’ conversation.

Rally A Caregiver Support Team

Family members may not always agree on what is best for senior parents or when it is time to make the transition to a senior assisted living facility. Members who do not regularly visit an aging parent may not completely understand the changing requirements and limitations of their aging parent. At the same time, other members of the family might have health or safety concerns about the senior parent which you might not be aware of.

It is a good idea to discuss the next steps of a senior parent with a caregiver support team as it can help ensure that all the members of the family are on the same page. In addition, it can also improve the chances that your aging parent agrees with the proposal. Moreover, giving all the members of the family a chance to voice their concerns, and doubts before having a conversation with an aging parent can help avoid conflicts and objections that can make the conversation even more difficult.

Some expert tips for talking with family members are shared below.

Hear Them Out: Make sure that all the members of the family have the chance to openly discuss their concerns and viewpoints. The goal of the discussion should not be to prove someone right or wrong, instead, it should be to hear the opinion of every family member.

Never Make It Personal: the conversation with the aging parent should focus completely on what is good for the parent. Make sure to leave family dynamics, caregiving roles, etc out of the conversation. It is always recommended by senior care experts to keep your senior loved one at the center of the discussion.

Discover Consensus: Your goal should be to find common ground when it comes to the care needs of an aging parent. You may find one or two members of the family to casually discuss the views of the family on the care needs of the aging parent.

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