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Talking To Your Senior Loved One About COVID 19 Vaccine

May 24, 2021 Category:
Senior Rehab Facilities

Senior Rehab Facilities

For all the right reasons, it is the seniors who are being vaccinated against the COVID 19 first; as they are at increased peril of encountering acute symptoms from the infection. The vaccines available in the country are made by Pfizer and Moderna and are authorized by the Food and Drug Administration. Some residents of senior rehab facilities and other health care facilities have already received COVID 19 vaccinations and more will receive the vaccinations in the coming months.

Many seniors are hopeful and excited about getting the COVID 19 vaccine, but some others are confused, afraid, or hesitant to get vaccinated. Family members and caregivers in senior healthcare facilities can have an important role in acknowledging these concerns and letting the seniors understand what is best for their health.

Shared below are tips on talking to your senior loved ones or other elder relatives about getting vaccinated against the COVID 19 disease.

Encourage Open Discussion 

If your senior loved one has feelings and opinions about the COVID 19 vaccine, you should make use of certain strategies to address concerns, bridge gaps in communication, and start a discussion. The active listening traits that are shared below can help improve conversation with your senior loved one.

  • Using statements like “I understand your concern” will let your senior loved one know that you consider their feelings.
  • Make sure to paraphrase and ask for clarification whenever necessary. Reiterating the words of your parent will show that you are paying heed to them. In addition, it offers a chance to clear up misunderstandings.
  • You can try to better understand the point of your senior loved one by asking questions. You may use questions like “What do you wish to know about the COVID 19 vaccine?” and “What concerns you about the vaccine?” Questions like this can help offer reassurance and deepen the discussion.

Talk About The Efficacy Of The Vaccine 

Seniors are at elevated danger of severe health issues and even death due to the coronavirus. As per the reports of the FDA, the Moderna vaccine has 94.1% efficacy and the Pfizer vaccine has 95% efficacy. Therefore, you can make your senior loved one aware of the efficacy of the COVID 19 vaccinations and the potential beneficial impact that the vaccine has in the fight against COVID 19. Discussing the efficacy of the available vaccines might help your senior loved one make up their mind to get vaccinated.

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