Senior Assisted Living

Senior Living-Related Terms You Should Know

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Senior Assisted Living

Senior Assisted Living

It is not always easy to care for aging parents. On top of that, speaking to a healthcare professional can sometimes seem like it involves a new form of language for you. People working in the industry are familiar with senior care jargon and may forget that others are not always aware of the terms that they utilize in daily interactions. To aid you in better navigating the eldercare world, here, we will discuss some common terms used at eldercare or senior care locations.

Assisted Living

The term senior assisted living refers to a senior care facility where residents can have services like meals, housekeeping, laundry, and assistance with activities of daily living. Unlike some other senior care settings, it offers a degree of independence to each resident. Each state licenses and regulates assisted living centers.

Activities Of Daily Living

This term will come up when you discuss the capabilities of your aging relative. It refers to the tasks that every person should do daily, including dealing with personal hygiene, bathing, preparing meals, and dressing.

Aging In Place

It refers to the act of staying at home or in senior rehab facilities, even as healthcare requirements change. It tends to include adapting familiar settings to accommodate arising needs.


It means the capability to move and walk freely, without or with the help of a cane or walker. An ambulatory senior is not bedridden or hospitalized.

Hospice Care

It is the form of care for a terminally ill person who is supposed to be alive for under six months. It looks to boost the standard of health and comfort of a person during their final few months in life by paying attention to their mental, physical and spiritual needs.

Independent Living

This senior living situation involves people living independently in apartments or small bungalows. The community offers supportive services such as yard care, social activities, transportation, housekeeping, meals in common dining areas and more.

Sandwich Generation

It refers to people who care for their kids and aging parents simultaneously.

Respite Care

This form of care is aimed at aiding caregivers in relieving their stress and can be delivered at an older adult’s home or an elder care community. Adept caregivers ease the usual caregiver’s burden so that they can meet their appointments, run errands or relax for some time.

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