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Is Assisted Living Or Memory Care The Best Option For My Senior Parent?

June 12, 2021 Category:
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Assisted Living

When exploring senior living options for your elderly parent, you can be easily overwhelmed. Even though the sheer number of choices available in senior care can be quite confusing, seniors these days are lucky to have many options to meet their needs.

Memory care and assisted living are two common types of senior living facilities. There are many similarities between these two senior health care facilities that family members often wonder which the best option for their senior loved ones is. Each situation is unique and should be evaluated as such, but there are a few indicators that can help in finding the right option for your senior loved one.

What Are Assisted Living Communities? 

Assisted living facilities are intended to provide a retirement lifestyle with enhanced support to ensure that the residents are safe, happy, and healthy. This option can be suitable for elderly adults who could use help from a caregiver. These communities are regulated by the state department of public health and will have caregivers round-the-clock to ensure the wellness of the residents. The caregivers in assisted living communities will offer help with activities like toileting, bathing, moving, dressing, etc. Caregivers in assisted living communities are supported by nurses who help with medication management and communication with healthcare professionals when needed.

What Are Memory Care Facilities? 

A memory care neighborhood is specially designed for seniors living with Alzheimer’s and other dementia disorders. These can be typically nestled inside an assisted living community. The memory care neighborhoods will be designed to ensure the quality of life, comfort, and independence of the residents. These neighborhoods feature staff members that are specially trained to take care of people suffering from dementia disorders. There will be events, trips, and activities in these neighborhoods that offer the right amount of stimulation to the residents.

Which Option To Choose? 

If you are confused about choosing memory care or assisted living for your senior loved one, you can start with the diagnosis of the person. If your senior loved one does not have a diagnosis of any type of dementia disorder, then you can avoid memory care. An assisted living community will provide your senior loved one the right amount of care and support with necessary socialization. However, if your senior loved one has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or any other dementia disorder, memory care can be the best option for the person.

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