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How To Make An Assisted Living Location Safer

April 15, 2022 Category:
Assisted Living Near Me

Assisted Living Near Me

It is potentially overwhelming to help somebody relocate to a long-term care facility. Collaborating with relatives to decorate the new living quarter is one way of helping to protect their safety and boosting their outlook. It is also likely to help them with the transition. Here, we will discuss tips to improve the safety of the location for your relative.

Assume That You Live There

Imagine that you live in the location before letting your relative relocate to it. Take a floor plan measurement to determine which furniture units to keep there. Measure windows to use curtains to make the new location feel homey. Search with the phrase assisted living near me for locations that design their apartments for style, comfort and ease so that seniors can enjoy the process of decorating their latest homes. For a dementia patient, consider an apartment with lighting, safety features and artwork to maximize orientation and awareness.

Remove Likely Fall Hazards

You can make some basic and specific moves to make assisted living residences safer. The key to preventing falls as much as possible is a flat and even surface. For an elderly person who perhaps has balance problems, it does not take a lot to induce a tumble. So, google the phrase assisted living facilities near me to find a location that not only keeps floors devoid of scatter rugs that potentially pose trip hazards but also installs hand railings to simplify getting around. It is also a good idea to mark the edges of steps or stairs with bright colored tapes for better visibility for residents.

Promote A Homey Environment

To encourage this form of setting in the location, eliminate the use of harsh lighting where possible. Instead of harsh lighting, use a pretty lamp or two in the facility. In an area that requires overhead lighting, some assisted living industry experts recommend using dimmers so that it becomes possible to adapt to softer, more soothing light. Some assisted living locations also use accents such as throw pillows with different textures and patterns, adding a good and tactile experience.

Leave Room To Entertain

Around one-third of US citizens aged 65 years or above are deemed socially isolated, as per a recent NASEM report. Assisted living residents should maintain connections with their loved ones whenever possible.

Sitting areas with cozy armchairs and sofas to entertain visitors can not only facilitate social meetings but also aid residents in staying connected with each other. Residents may wish to think about making space to pursue their hobbies, like a small piece of furniture where they get to complete puzzles, draw or paint.

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