Nursing Home Care

How To Decide Between Nursing Home Care And Assisted Living?

October 8, 2022 Category:
Nursing Home Care

Nursing Home Care

Ensuring added support for a senior loved one who might be struggling can be helpful to the senior and their family caregivers. But, options like in-home care can prove expensive and it can be challenging for family members to manage different tasks like medication management, hands-on care, grocery shopping, etc. Initially, many family members might not like the idea of moving their senior loved one to nursing home care or assisted living facilities. But in the long run, nursing home care often ends up being less expensive and can offer the environment to keep the senior happy and healthy.

Moving to skilled nursing or assisted living community means that your senior loved one will have help and support whenever they need it, which can help increase their independence. Moreover, you will get a break from caregiving responsibilities and your senior loved one will have access to various useful activities. For instance, if your senior loved one suffers from dementia and your loved one is transferred to a nursing home that specializes in dementia care, the facility may offer activities that are dementia friendly, like sessions that are aimed at increasing cognition, music therapy, etc.

Assisted living can be a great option for elderly adults who are in need of extra help and care with activities of daily living. A skilled nursing facility can ensure more comprehensive support to elderly adults. Generally, the cost of assisted living can be more than that of independent senior apartments, but much less than senior nursing homes.

Choosing The Right Care

The care decision that you make will affect the remaining life of your senior loved one. Making the proper decision can potentially affect the quality of life of the entire family by restoring a sense of balance. Residential care might be the right move for many people, however, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You need to review the needs and requirements of your senior loved one, tour each senior living community, and ask many questions to know more about the community. When you find a senior living community that feels comfortable and welcoming, you need to act quickly, as many senior living communities in the country have very long waiting lists.

Your loved one has all the right to feel supported in their golden years. Therefore, make a decision that is right for everyone.

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