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How To Assess The Well Being Of Elderly Parents?

May 18, 2021 Category:
Assisted living Facilities

Assisted Living Facilities

A visit to your parent’s home can be a very good opportunity for you to look for clues about the health of your parent, his/her safety, and ability to live independently. You might be unsure on how to find if your elderly parent needs assistance to stay healthy and safe. Some of the tips to assess this are shared below. These tips will let you know if your mom or dad requires help.

Assess Their Home 

While in your aging parent’s home, look for piles of laundry and unopened mails. Notice if there is unusual clutter in the home and look for clues that the declining health of the parent is impacting his or her mobility.

Check The Cabinets 

Look for any misplaced items in the food pantry or expired medicines in the cabinet. If you find such items, understand that these are indicative of memory loss, impaired cognitive abilities, and confusion.

Check The Fridge 

Check the fridge of your elderly parent for any outdated or spoiled food. If there is any such food in the fridge, it might be indicating an inability to the market or the grocery store. It can be due to decreased mobility, or can also be because of a cognitive issue if your parent is not aware that the food item is expired or spoiled.

Assess The Appearance Of Your Elderly Parent 

Notice if your parent is well-groomed. Also, check for any significant loss or gain in the weight of your aging parent. Physical changes like loss or gain in weight can be pointing to other issues.

Watch Your Aging Parent 

Closely notice your parent for understanding if they can hear well, follow conversations and identify members of the family. Find if they interact equally well in unfamiliar surroundings. If they have any cognitive difficulties, it might be indicating declining health.

These tips can help you find out if your aging parent needs help. If you find that the person needs help and care, there are many options for you to consider like assisted living facilities and nursing home. There are also options like in-home care and board and care homes, and the choice of the senior care facility can depend on the situation of your aging parent. Getting in touch with a senior care facility can let you understand more about the option that is more suitable for your parent.

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