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How Can You Help Your Loved One Adjust To Dementia Care?

November 22, 2022 Category:
Dementia Care

Dementia Care

The adjustment period for a person moving into a dementia care community can be weeks or even months. It is near impossible to predict how long your loved one will take to adjust or what challenges the person will face during the period. As everyone’s transition into dementia care is different, there is no concrete list of solutions that can help address every situation that will arise. But, some general guidelines can help ease the change for the majority of seniors.

Talking to your senior loved one about the transition to dementia care or a senior assisted living facility can lead to negative thoughts and anticipation anxiety that can result in negative actions. Instead of that, you can wait until just before the move to begin the transition. Also, talk to the doctor of your senior loved one to address any underlying medical issues like mood swings or depression before the move. After the move to the senior assisted living or dementia care facility, the tips shared below can help ease the transition.

Make It Home

Make sure to bring familiar items from home, like photos, furniture and wall art as it can make the senior care apartment feel familiar to your loved one. This can offer a sense of calm to your loved one and help reduce agitation. Also, do not forget to take those items that your loved one cherishes.

Schedule Wisely

It can be a wise thing for family members to avoid visiting the senior loved one for a week or two after the initial move to the dementia care facility. This can allow your loved one time to bond with the new neighbors and staff of the facility. After that, family and friends can frequently visit the loved one to support them with their dementia care plan.

Support Engagement

Taking part in various community activities is a clear indication of a successful transition to the facility. You can encourage your senior loved one to take part or even accompany them in activities if necessary as it can help put them on the path to a successful transition to the senior care facility.

Staff members of dementia care facilities have helped many residents successfully transition to dementia care. They can be an invaluable source of tips that you can use to help your senior loved one transition to the facility. Therefore, you need to be in constant communication with the staff members to ensure a successful transition for your loved one.

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