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How Can Telehealth Benefit Seniors?

October 15, 2022 Category:
Senior Care Facility

Senior Care Facility

Visiting your doctor for an annual health checkup or for guidance regarding a chronic health condition is a basic component of ensuring good health. After the global coronavirus pandemic, telehealth services have become much more popular as they can help avoid the risks of visiting a doctor’s office.

What Is Telehealth Service?

Even though telehealth services have become popular due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been available for many years. Technically, telehealth can be defined as improving healthcare services by making use of technology and telecommunication. It also includes services like remote patient monitoring, online storage of medical imaging or charts, and online health education.

Telehealth And Seniors

Not only seniors, but people of any age can benefit from telehealth services. But, elderly adults can enjoy various benefits from telehealth solutions. Some of the most important benefits of telehealth services for seniors are shared below.

Easier Management Of Health Conditions

Telehealth services can make the management of chronic health conditions easier for seniors. For instance, an elderly adult living with arthritis who is not experiencing any new challenges or symptoms can make a quick telehealth appointment to have their medications renewed.

Decreased Exposure To Germs

Elderly adults with a compromised immune system will be able to avoid risky situations by opting for telehealth services instead of visiting the doctor’s office.

Real-Time Monitoring

If an elderly adult is returning to an assisted living facility after a hospital procedure, or if the person has been diagnosed with a new condition, being alone can make the person nervous. With the help of telehealth services, elderly adults can be confident that their healthcare providers are getting immediate updates about their health conditions.

Reduced Transportation Hassle

Not all seniors drive and this is especially true in the case of seniors living in assisted living facilities. This means that doctor’s appointments will need others to coordinate transportation. This can be much confusing and can prove inefficient. This is where telehealth services can help. These services can eliminate non-emergency visits to doctor’s offices, thereby making the life of seniors comfortable.

Medical Care From Any Location

Oftentimes, seniors can either postpone or miss doctor’s appointments due to travel difficulties. Telehealth services let elderly adults continue with their appointments from any location with good internet service. Senior independent and assisted living facilities not only offer high-speed Wifi connection necessary to make telehealth easy, but also the service of a caregiver to ensure that the visit goes smoothly.

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