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How Can Humor Benefit Caregiver And Senior Health?

April 1, 2022 Category:
Senior Assisted Living

Senior Assisted Living

Caregiving can negatively affect even empathetic and patient professionals, which is perhaps related to the hours that they spend on their jobs. This standard of care possibly becomes tiring fast, irrespective of how motivated or loving a caregiving professional is. Up to about 70% of caregivers demonstrate clinical depression signs, which complicate enjoying life for them.

Aging is not easy and comfortable for older adults, either. When they grow older, seniors may find it more challenging to perform basic activities. Up to 17% of adults aged over 65 years have social isolation, and a fraction of people aged above 75 years live alone. The lonely and isolated situation contributes to higher depression and anxiety levels as well as less presence in the world outside. Caregiving and aging can be an uncomfortable and occasionally upsetting combination but need not be thus. Keep reading our senior assisted living blog to know how humor potentially benefits seniors and caregivers.

The Healing Power Of Good Humor

Laughter is a good way of stopping our concerns, and science is substantiating that notion. ‘Be happy’ is no meaningless suggestion but rather a plan to achieve better health. Smiling, laughter and humor can affect the body and brain in many different ways, including the following.

  • Endorphin and dopamine release, which reduces pain
  • Lower cortisol content, which reduces anxiety and stress
  • An uptick in antibodies, bolstering the human immune system
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Better blood circulation and cardiovascular function
  • More persistence and motivation in finishing tasks
  • Better learning ability

Further, humor can bring human beings together. People feel free about socializing and being themselves when around those who occasionally enjoy a loud and hearty laugh. Health advantages aside, humor is sometimes a good way of laughing at yourself and diffusing tension. Read this assisted living home post further to know how else humor possibly helps seniors.

Studies About Humor For Seniors

Some studies have examined how humor may affect senior health. In a study from 2014, researchers from California wished to understand whether funny videos would affect senior memory in the short run. To determine it, the researchers split their senior participants with an average age of around 69 years, into a couple of groups. One of those groups could see a comedy video, whereas the other sat back and relaxed. Then, the groups completed a set of tasks related to memory and learning.

The researchers discovered that seeing a comedy video made the learning capability of experimental group participants better and delayed their memory. The findings indicate that humor may impact the short-term memory of seniors.

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