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How Assisted Living Homes Improve Quality of Life

February 19, 2021 Category:

Assisted living can improve a senior’s quality of life in a wide variety of ways. Assisted living communities help support the health, comfort, and happiness of seniors and can provide peace of mind for both residents and their families. The well-trained staff at a senior living community are prepared to support residents throughout their daily life, with whatever they may need help. From medication management to dressing, cooking to bathing, staff members at an assisted living home are sure to provide compassionate care to all residents.  

In addition to the general support of daily tasks, assisted living facilities can customize care depending on the individual needs of their residents. In today’s blog we’ve listed a few of our top reasons how assisted living homes can improve a person’s quality of life.

Safer Living Environment

While it may be a shock to move to a senior living home, it will always be the safest option, especially for seniors who were previously living alone or with a spouse. Common accidents like slips and falls can quickly become quite serious for older people, and those living alone are at a much greater risk. Assisted living facilities are designed specifically to create a safer environment for seniors, and will include elements like non-slip showers, handlebars, and ramps instead of stairs. Staff members will be available 24 hours a day to ensure that any accidents are quickly assessed and solved.

Opportunities for Recreation and Socializing

Seniors living alone, with a spouse, or with family may find themselves bored or feeling pent-up, especially if they have trouble getting around independently. Assisted living homes can improve quality of life in this way, too! Living in a community with other seniors gives residents ample opportunity to connect and make friends with others who may have similar life experiences. Senior communities often provide a wide variety of recreational activities for residents, too. Staff-led classes like yoga or calisthenics are good opportunities for enjoyable exercise, and these facilities often have in-house gyms for individual exercise. Scheduled recreational activities like movie screenings and other events are great ways to encourage residents to enjoy themselves in their new surroundings. These types of activities are not only something for residents to enjoy in their spare time, but they can also help them stay healthy!

Around the Clock Support for Physical and Mental Health Conditions

Seniors with medical conditions that require careful attention like dementia, Alzheimer’s, and certain kidney or bladder issues will be well taken care of in an assisted living facility. There are even a number of different kinds of specialized facilities like memory care facilities that are designed to accommodate people with certain conditions. An assisted living home will have staff available 24 hours a day to help residents take their scheduled medication, to provide therapeutic services, and to check all necessary vitals. 

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