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Helping The Seniors Fight The Flu Season

August 2, 2021 Category:
Assisted Living Facilities

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For many people, the flu can be a temporary annoyance. However, for seniors and people with feeble immune systems, the flu can be fatal. As per the records, 90% of flu-linked deaths befall in seniors. Flu can be prevented completely and the tips shared by staff in assisted living facilities and other senior care options can help keep your senior loved one away from flu.

Get Flu Shot 

Getting the flu shot can help lower the likelihood of infection. At the commencement of every flu season, seniors should get the flu shot. This is also applicable to all people who spend time with elderly people. If your senior loved one is in an assisted living facility or other senior care programs that work with groups of people, you need to ensure that all the staff of the facility receives flu vaccines.

The flu vaccine is very safe and does not pose many complications. One of the common difficulties is shoulder or arm pain at the injection site, which is temporary and will go away in a few days.

Seek Immediate Treatment If You Have Flu Symptoms 

There are many antiviral medications available that can help fight flu symptoms. These medications can also help prevent the flu infection from getting worse. If your senior loved one develops the symptoms of flu, ensuring proper treatment as early as possible can decrease the risk of serious complications from the infection. Therefore, the signs of flu must be thoroughly understood to ensure being properly treated right away.

Some of the important differences between flu infection and cold or other such illnesses are:

  • The symptoms of flu tend to appear suddenly.
  • A flu infection almost always results in a fever.
  • Most of the time, a flu infection can result in chills and body aches.
  • Most people who have a flu infection will experience intense fatigue. The fatigue from other infections can be mild or can appear gradually.

Watch For Other Infections 

The flu infection is not the only illness that poses a threat to the health of seniors. Bronchitis and even the common cold may lead to serious symptoms in seniors, especially when these infections are left untreated. Even if your senior loved one is not suffering from the flu, you have to take the person to a physician for symptoms of diseases that last longer.

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