Senior Assisted Living

Equipment That Can Help Improve The Home Of A Person With Dementia

May 1, 2023 Category:
Senior Assisted Living

Senior Assisted Living

Living with dementia is never easy. A person with dementia may find it harder to perform daily tasks without assistance from others, as their condition worsens. For instance:

  • They can forget the usual location of an item.
  • They could attempt to use things or tools incorrectly; they might forget how to carry out particular tasks, such as dressing themselves or making a cup of tea.

Living in their own home may become more difficult as a result. A senior’s home can be modified to make it simpler, safer, and more comfortable. This can allow them to carry out their everyday activities with little support. Dementia care experts in our senior assisted living facility share how technology can be used to help people suffering from dementia.

How Might Technology Aid Those Suffering From Dementia?

Equipment doesn’t need to be expensive or sophisticated to be useful. People with dementia who live in their own homes have been shown to benefit from even small, commonplace items. For instance, items created to promote healthy aging can also be quite beneficial for those with dementia. These include tools for maintaining continence and mobility aids. A lot of products, including memory aids, are made specifically to meet the needs of people with dementia.

Memory Help Equipment

A variety of memory aids are available to assist people remember important details.

  • Lists and reminders can be written on whiteboards.
  • Large-faced clocks can show the date and even the time of day and are simpler to read.
  • Calendars and diaries are helpful for remembering appointments and schedules.
  • Dosette boxes, which have a compartment for pills for each day of the week, can make taking medication easier.
  • For people with more severe memory problems, automatic pill dispensers that can be set in advance may be more suitable.

Mobility And Walking Aid Equipment

There are many different kinds of tools available to keep persons independent and mobile. These consist of:

  • Wheelchairs, walking frames, and walking sticks
  • Grab rails installed throughout the house
  • A stairlift
  • Movable hoists may be used throughout the house
  • Height-adjustable beds and bed hand blocks
  • Transfer aids that facilitate movement from one location to another
  • Recliners to help patients sit or stand
  • Slings, pulleys, and hoists for lifting or lowering people into or out of beds and chairs
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