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Early Dementia Signs To Watch Out For

November 17, 2021 Category:
Pasadena Nursing Home

Pasadena Nursing Home

Is there a loved one or an elderly relative in your family who starts showing signs of any cognitive issue? According to the latest statistics, around ten million dementia cases arise annually. When a family member starts showing some of these dementia signs, you should consider spending on some type of memory care. If you wish to confirm that they are supported and safe for the length of their health condition, then we look to help as a Pasadena skilled nursing facility. Visit us to know about our services for the elderly to help keep them healthy and supported.

Poor Concentration

A person with early dementia signs may find it difficult to concentrate on even a conversation that they have with someone else. Check whether your relative has left any task half-finished at home or forgotten food in the microwave oven or on the stove.

This is among the earliest dementia signs, which can emerge in many ways. Dementia patients may behave inappropriately when in a social situation, like laughing at an inappropriate occasion or making a strange and rude remark by mistake. They may have bad financial judgment too. Therefore, online scammers may trick them into spending money on unnecessary things, and they may make unwanted purchases through telemarketers or infomercials.

These are cognitive impairment signs that you should discuss with a medical professional to determine whether dementia is likely and what to do next. You may have that consultation with our Pasadena nursing home staff as well.

Pulling Out Of Social Activities

This is not a reason for dementia alone, but an unexpected withdrawal of your relative from a social event or activity is a sign that you might overlook. In an early stage, they might realize that they have behavioral changes and notice the above-mentioned type of inappropriate behavior. This can make them avoid a social situation where they might commit those kinds of errors, whether or not they realize that they are withdrawing from it.

Abrupt Personality Changes

There is more to dementia than just memory loss. Several people with dementia experience sudden and extreme personality changes. People who used to be kind, might get abrasive and rude. The patient may start making sexually inappropriate or crude remarks to unfamiliar people. This change may be upsetting, but identifying it as an underlying symptom of an issue that is more serious can make you seek care and treatment for your relative.

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