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Downsizing Before Transitioning To An Assisted Living Home

December 22, 2021 Category:
Assisted Living Home

Assisted Living Home

It is potentially an emotional thing to help a senior relative downsize before transitioning to a new assisted living residence. The person may have belongings with cherished memories that they want to hold on to. Before determining what to bring and leave behind, you should understand the assisted living home space that your relative will get after the move. It pays to ask the assisted living residence owner for their location’s floor plan before your day of the move.

Senior assisted living facilities usually come in furnished forms, but several communities let residents bring personal things. Bringing some cherished items may cause your relative’s new space to appear more home-like. It also pays to ask the facility owner or manager which appliances are available in their space. For instance, you might wish to ask whether the room for your relative has a coffee maker, microwave oven, and/or mini-refrigerator.

When packing, think about bringing these items to the new location for your senior family member.

  • Personal items, such as clothing, photographs, keepsakes, eyewear, jewelry, medications, and toiletries
  • Entertainment items, such as films, books, computers, iPad, and hobby supplies
  • Houseware, like towels, bedding, hangers as well as a small set of plates, cookware and cups
  • Decorative items, such as pictures, mirrors and plants
  • Cleaning supplies, such as dish soap, surface wipes, and paper towels
  • A piece of furniture, such as your relative’s favorite recliner, dresser or desk

How To Make The Assisted Living Residence Of Your Relative Seem Like Home

Bringing Personal Belongings

Pack some favorite furniture items, like a dresser or chair. Arrange art, lamps, curtains and photographs identically to how those were put in their original home. Use favorite trinkets and throw pillows to make the location appear cozy.

Storage Solutions

A disorganized room can be uncomfortable and can contribute to a fall for your senior family member. Reduce the amount of clutter in the new location with creative storage options such as a furniture item that doubles up as a storage area for blankets or photographs.

Painting The Walls

Check with the facility owner whether they allow painting the walls so that you can personalize the new room of your relative. If they permit it, be sure to avoid a dark color or two that can cause the room to appear smaller. Your relative may wish to try a brighter accent wall or want an arrangement of wall colors like in their actual home.

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