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Difference Between Assisted Living And Independent Living Situations

October 19, 2021 Category:
Assisted Living Home

Assisted Living Home

Are you considering moving a family member out to a new residence? Does that person need assistance in doing their daily activities and wish to maintain maximum independence? If so, you might think about moving them to one of the best assisted living facilities in your area. Here, we will discuss what assisted living is and how it differs from independent living and more. Read the following information to make the best possible relocation decision for your family member.

What Does Assisted Living Mean?

The word usually describes a community or living center offering daily healthcare and personal care services, plus long-term accommodation. There has recently been a rise in the number of assisted living facilities to meet the demand of baby boomers who are entering their twilight years.

Different assisted living residences offer an array of accommodation options, many of which will satisfy your requirements and financial constraints. Make it a point to visit some of these facilities before arriving at your final decision. Several facilities offer shared quarters and private apartments. Some locations offer more services, so if an individual’s medical requirements go up, they could be relocated to a separate room for more healthcare and closer observation.

Assisted Living Versus Independent Living

You cannot interchangeably use these two terms, as they refer to different living situation types. An independent living community is ideal for semi-retired or retired folks who are independent and active yet want to socialize with others of a similar age with common interests. The residents are not keen on home maintenance activities any longer, like lawn cutting, laundry, and cleaning. They prefer spending their time bonding with others and doing organized activities. Hired staffers handle the maintenance part, whereas residents occupy private apartments that have baths, kitchens, and living rooms.

An assisted living home offers living quarters and services to people who cannot live independently because of cognitive and/or physical limitations. While some assisted living residences may have private apartments, it is usually worth choosing semi-private spaces or private rooms. Healthcare staffers are available if need be as well as will assist in medical care needs and daily tasks such as dressing, bathing and so forth.

An assisted living center can vary considerably according to the facility, community and residents. That said, all assisted living locations offer general services, like help with activities of daily living, safety services, lifestyle services, and more services.

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