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Decorating a Room in Assisted Living

February 10, 2021 Category:

Making the move to an assisted living home can be quite a stressful experience. Your senior loved one may be leaving a home they’ve been living in for many years, or may be leaving a home where they’ve been living with family. Helping your loved one decorate their new room is an important part of the transition, and can do wonders in helping them feel comfortable in their new assisted living home. 

Most assisted living facilities will have no issues with you helping your loved one decorate their room to their personal taste, but you should contact the assisted living home to ensure your decorations won’t create any hazards. The caregivers at the facility will be able to give you advice on how the room will be laid out, and what common items may create unnecessary risk. Here we’ve listed a few of our favorite tips on how to help your senior loved one create the perfect room in their assisted living home.

Personalize the Space

Making the new space feel like home is the most important step in ensuring their comfort. Speak with your loved one and be sure to include them in the decoration. They likely won’t be able to bring all of their belongings but it’s easy to bring personal items like photos, artwork, trophies or awards, and other small decorative items. Making the room feel like a home and not like a temporary situation can have a big impact in improving your loved one’s mood and involvement in the assisted living home. 

There are other ways to make your senior loved one’s new room feel more like a home, too! Lighting is the number one way to change the ambiance of a room, and it’s easy to change. Check with your family member to see what kind of lighting they have in their home, and try to emulate it in their new assisted living home. Table and floor lamps require no installation and can even be brought from home. Throw pillows, blankets, and other comforting items are also great ways to help change the feeling of a room.

Remove Potential Hazards 

Assisted living homes are designed with safety in mind, so it’s unlikely that there will be many potential hazards to begin with. Despite this, you should take a look at your elderly loved one’s new living space and examine it for elements that may increase the risk of accidents. Rugs and mats without non slip backings are a common cause of falls, so removing them or adding a non slip pad underneath can improve safety. Color coding floors and corners with brightly colored tape can make them more obvious even in low light, helping reduce the occurrence of stubbed toes and other minor injuries. The staff at the assisted living home will be happy to help you discuss removing potential risks.

Maximise Convenience

Make your loved one’s life convenient! Work with them to create a layout that is familiar to them, to lessen the adjustment time. Make sure everything your senior loved one needs is within easy reach. Adaptive technology like power recliners, reclining beds, bathroom wall grips and other elements can be greatly helpful.

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