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Continuing Care Retirement Communities Versus Independent Living

September 16, 2021 Category:
Senior Living

Senior Living

Seniors these days are not willing to spend their retirement life quietly watching TV. They wish to have their golden years filled with adventure, purpose, and relationships. Besides continuing care retirement communities, independent living communities are also great alternatives to living alone. Read ahead to know the things that you should know while weighing your options.

Independent Living 

Independent living communities can be suitable for seniors who are independent-minded and do not wish to spend their life alone in their homes. These communities can provide seniors with all of the privacy of living at home, within the context of a connected community. Many independent living communities also provide extra help for elderly adults who suffer from chronic health conditions and need help with daily tasks.

In most independent living communities, residents take part in outings and community events, attend group sessions, classes, and enjoy meals in luxury settings. The focus will be on the community even though seniors live in private units. Independent living can offer seniors many benefits like:

  • Increased social connection
  • Professional help whenever needed
  • Many activities
  • Chances to improve and learn
  • Reduced cost of living as seniors do not have the burden of homeownership and maintenance
  • Support from caregivers and education about aging, cognitive issues, and many other things

Many independent living communities in the country offer seniors memory care and assisted living in the same community. The main issue with independent living is that the residents should move out of their homes.

Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

These are neighborhoods that allow residents to age in place in a freestanding condo, home, or apartment. These communities can be a great option for seniors who wish to have their own space but need the reassurance of help whenever needed. Continuing care retirement communities also offer activities to seniors, but the focus will be more on supporting the desire of the residents to remain independent. Some of the benefits of CCRCs are:

  • Aging in place as the needs of the person change
  • Opportunity to live in a beautiful neighborhood together with other like-minded residents
  • Amenities like gyms and pools
  • Support staff and caregivers who come to you

Some of the drawbacks of CCRCs include:

  • Less social connections
  • Higher costs when compared to other senior living options
  • Less caregiver supports

Choosing the right senior living option can materialize your retirement dream. To find the one that is suitable for you or your senior loved one, you need to consider your options and preferences.

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