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Community Activity Ideas For Seniors During COVID 19

April 10, 2021 Category:
Senior Living

Senior Living

The times are challenging right now. Residents in senior living communities are cut off from their families, friends, and other familiar faces that they see. Nevertheless, the list of activities that can be arranged to keep the seniors engaged is endless. The ideas by senior care communities shared below can help engage seniors during times of COVID 19. Before engaging in new activities, make sure to follow proper hygiene, social distancing, and safety protocols.

Virtual Field Trips 

The museums across the globe have temporarily stopped taking in visitors because of the prevalent pandemic situation. However, you can still explore many of these museums online via Google Arts and Culture. More than 500 galleries and museums offer virtual tours and it will be a great experience for seniors to explore these museums virtually.

Set Up An Outside Seating Area 

If the senior care facility is in an area with a comfortable climate and the residents can still go outside, setting up an outside seating area can be a great way to visit, while still maintaining social distance. During these difficult times, even the simplest act of establishing a visual connection is considered the best thing.

Livestream Entertainers 

If the entertainers are unable to appear in person, you can make them perform remotely and Livestream the performance to the residents. Make use of Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, or other such software to have the performers put on a show for the residents. This setup also helps them keep getting paid.

Have Kids Make Drawings For Seniors 

Daycare facilities and schools are closing and you can put kids to work by making them draw their favorite superheroes, objects, or anything that comes to their mind. You can also ensure that the kids include the seniors or write their names in the picture as it can make the picture more personal.

Capture Photos Of Residents And Send Them To Loved Ones 

Taking a photo of a resident that can be shared with friends and family can be a great thing that can be done during the COVID 19 time. Better yet, you can make the senior write a message on a piece of paper or whiteboard and hold it up on the photo.

Make A Spotify Playlist Together 

Spotify can offer endless options and it can be fun to make a playlist together and talk about their favorites. You may also combine the choice of many residents so that the complete community will have music to feel connected.

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