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Can You Live However You Want At An Independent Living Facility?

January 16, 2022 Category:
Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living Facility

Some older adults are apprehensive about relocating to senior living communities. That community may be regarded as an independent living location where residents need not follow a strict structure. Even in that case, your senior relative can find it difficult to move away from their home to this new environment. There are numerous benefits to relocating to senior living locations, whether those are assisted living facilities or independent living communities.

People who usually seek to relocate to independent living communities lead an isolated lifestyle without enough socialization. Perhaps they only watch TV as well as get meals delivered to them as they cannot cook food for themselves. Assisted living locations are for those kinds of people. Unlike an assisted living home, an independent living location is for individuals who can perform daily activities without other people’s help. They may need a bit of help with cleaning, laundry, being around others, and cooking but not to the same extent as assisted living residents.

You might wish to relocate to such a community for innumerable reasons, including the following.

  • A life-altering event in your life
  • The passing of your spouse or loved one
  • Losing your driver’s license
  • Your desire for camaraderie and companionship

Perhaps you are experiencing loneliness due to an unassisted lifestyle, or you might be sick and tired of residential upkeep. Every family has a unique reason to relocate their senior member to that community. The form of support that they might require from the community, hinges on why they want to relocate to it.

How Independent Living Residences Differ From Memory Care Or Assisted Living Centers?

There are numerous different distinctions between the two. An independent living situation is similar to living at home in that you can come and go whenever you want. On the contrary, assisted living comes with a much more regimented way of life. There will be no regulations for you in independent living except for the usual societal laws and standard regulations. Independent living facilities will let you do whatever you want at any time within the boundaries of social norms. That said, you should meet some conditions to keep living at that kind of facility.

For instance, the facility should require you to be capable of dressing and washing on your own. It is unlike assisted living. If you can perform those kinds of daily activities, walk and look after yourself, assisted living would not be for you.

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