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Assisted Living Facts That Might Surprise You

July 3, 2021 Category:
Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes

If you think that you know everything about assisted living, you need to think again. Many of us have spent some portion of our childhood visiting grandparents or other senior relatives in nursing homes or other senior assisted living facilities. This can color our opinion of senior assisted living communities and may have strengthened our fear of being “sent away to a nursing home.” The assisted living facts shared below can help change your opinion about these senior care facilities.

Assisted Living Communities May Help You Live Longer

In senior assisted living facilities, you never need to worry about what will happen if you have medical emergencies. The prompt support and care provided in assisted living communities can ensure fast emergency treatment and can potentially save your life. Though, you don’t need a medical emergency to live longer in these facilities. The right community can help you keep physically active and socially engaged. These communities can ensure regular exercise to seniors which can help decrease the risk of many diseases, while social engagement can help avoid loneliness.

Seniors Are Happier In Assisted Living Communities

Assisted living communities offer opportunities for easy socialization, and also ensure celebrations of all events. When compared to seniors in assisted living communities, elderly adults who remain at home can experience feelings of loneliness. Therefore, it is not a surprise that seniors are much happier in assisted living facilities. As you age, your happiness matters a lot. This is because a positive mood can help you make healthy decisions, thereby improving your overall health.

You May Get A Second Family

While moving into an assisted living community, you will get the company of other seniors with whom you can share your feelings and thoughts. Making friends will be very easy in these communities as there will be many other people who are similarly committed to lives of adventure and purpose. You will always find someone who can share a meal or enjoy a stroll with you.

Assisted Living Communities Are Affordable

You might be worried that assisted living communities are a luxury that you might not be able to afford. However, assisted living communities can be much more affordable than living in your own home. If you own a home and can sell it when you move to an assisted living community, you will have enough money to fund senior assisted living. You may also opt for any other luxury in the assisted living community to make your life in the community comfortable and enjoyable.

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