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Activities For Seniors In Skilled Nursing Homes

April 17, 2021 Category:
Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes

Senior living no longer means watching TV and occasionally playing bingo. Seniors these days demand much stimulation, adventure, and chances to learn new things. Most of the residents of nursing homes and senior living communities understand that they have more chances for engagement than they had at their homes. Some activities for residents of senior rehab facilities are discussed below.

Group Exercise Sessions 

Group exercises like yoga, Feldenkrais, tai chi, etc are a fun way to increase the balance and flexibility of seniors which are necessary to prevent falls in seniors. Some of the senior rehab facilities provide chair exercise sessions while others may offer water aerobic sessions that can be much beneficial to seniors suffering from arthritis.

Walking Clubs 

Walking around the senior living community can be a very easy way for an elderly person to keep active and ensure regular exercise. Some of the senior living communities also offer transportation facilities so that the members of the walking club can walk in a nearby walking path or park.

Book Clubs 

Seniors who are avid readers will love being members of a book club. They will most certainly look forward to this opportunity to share their ideas and opinions. Reading can help seniors stay sharp and alert and also let them be in touch with the world. In addition to that, book clubs also have a great social element.

Wii Sports 

Seniors might not be able to shoot baskets anymore, but Wii interactive games can be much beneficial to seniors. While playing these interactive games, you need to move your body instead of using a joystick or pressing buttons and this can be a great option to offer regular exercise to seniors.

Gardening Sessions 

One perfect way of ensuring that the senior is active and socializing with other residents of the community is through gardening. Digging in the dirt, weeding, planting, etc can allow elders to relax. Moreover, gardening clubs can be a great place to make friends. The elders also get a sense of achievement when they see the beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables.

Life Story Exercises 

Capturing their unique life story can be meaningful for seniors and it can be done either in written form or in the form of photos in a scrapbook. Mementos can also be gathered as they also preserve a slice of history and joyful moments. Life story exercises will let the elders reflect on their life experiences.

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