Senior Assisted Living

A Guide To Assisted Living Regulations

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Senior Assisted Living

Senior Assisted Living

You can find the national website to find the licensing history and audit details of nursing homes that are Medicare-approved. However, there is no national website to confirm the licensing history and auditing of assisted living communities. This is mainly because these communities are governed by the respective state governments. Shared below are some common questions about senior assisted living regulations and how to check inspection reports and licenses of assisted living and other senior rehab facilities in your state.

What Are The Tactics Behind Governing Assisted Living Facilities? 

The social service office or health department of the respective states regulates assisted living facilities. Assisted living communities to provide housing for seniors, supportive services, personalized help, and healthcare. Most of the states in the country also regulate residential care homes that are also called board and care homes.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulates and provides ratings for skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes and not assisted living facilities. However, CMS guides state Medicaid services about rules for senior care facilities that are Medicaid certified.

Is Licensing A Mandate For An Assisted Living Facility? 

Yes, assisted living communities will need a license from the state. State agencies will survey or inspect communities regularly and also when someone files a complaint. In these surveys, citations or violations are noted. For every violation noted, the care provider should submit a plan of correction with a timeline. States have the authority to revoke or suspend the license and inflict penalties for failure to comply with the necessities and requirements.

What Are The Procedures For Registering A Grievance Against An Assisted Living Facility? 

There are three options for you to file a complaint if you feel that a senior living community is not following the guidelines of the state or if you suspect elder abuse or neglect.

  • The Adult Protective Services (APS) agency
  • Your local long-term care ombudsman
  • State agencies who are in charge of regulating assisted living facilities

The long-term care ombudsman in your area is a volunteer advocate of residents in assisted living communities and nursing homes. They will be trained to find and solve problems and file complaints to the particular agency that is in charge of licensure.

The license details and results of inspection surveys are shared differently by each state. In many states, you will be able to view the inspection reports and verify the license of a provider online. Some other states may require a request from your end.

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